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“ StrawberryRazz ” Salt Body Smoothie

“ StrawberryRazz ” Salt Body Smoothie

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Organic, Handmade &’ Cruelty Free Products 🌱

StrawberryRazz is infused with freeze dried fruits that has high antioxidant properties of vitamin C to replenish dry skin, and anti-aging and smells fruitfully amazing 💧😩.

•• Other benefits: promotes maintenance of skin integrity with collagen and healthy skin overall.

•• Key Ingredients: organic soap base, phosphate 80, avocado oil, and dendritic crystalline salt is an essential component to absorbing and maintaining moisture in the skin. Importantly, dendritic salt helps with eczema and psoriasis prone skin to help irritated skin cells. Also, dendritic salt produces natural radiant skin complexity to have your skin renewed and smooth ✨

Scent notes: fruity, floral, small hints of musky 🍓🌾🫐


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