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“Strawberry Sweets” Bundle

“Strawberry Sweets” Bundle

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Strawberry Sweets🍓 is featuring 5 Organic, handmade & cruelty free products that are different and important within body care products:

- body oil: infused with jojoba oil, almond oil, sunflower oil, rose water, and other essential oils. locking in moisture after the shower AFTER your body mousse or selection of Body Butters for soothing and refreshing skin ✨

- body slush: to hydrate your skin with coconut oil, vitamin e oil, organic olive oil, freeze dried strawberries, manjishtha powder and other essential ingredients 

- body bar: goat milk, manjishtha powder, freeze dried strawberries, and coconut oil to retreat dry skin cells, hydrate and ceases acne relief within your pores for natural healing barriers and relaxation in the shower/bath 🌱

*🚨every bar is uniquely made, so it will not look exactly like the pictures but perfectly handmade for you 🚨*

- body mousse: shea butter, avocado oil, manjishtha powder and other key antioxidants for anti aging prevention and glowing skin 🌞

lip scrub: coconut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e oil, manjishtha powder. Our lips must be taken care of as well, infusing key elements of vitamins eliminates dry lips, highly moisturizing your lips with results of smoother and luscious lips 🌱


Strawberry Sweets is a skin glowing experience in your shower to bed you want to get into 🍓🌱 Reducing dark areas you want gone, stubborn body acne you want gone and several other benefits! Start your glowing skin journey with Sjbsglowcollection 🤎

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