Collection: Turmeric Love - For All Skin Types 🪴

Organic, handmade, & cruelty free products!

This Bundle Includes:

Summer Time Soap: eucalyptus, frankincense & Turmeric 

Turmeric Face Mask: organic honey || 4oz

Turmeric Face Scrub: organic sugar, Turmeric, honey || 8oz

SjbxGlow Face Oil: rose water, grape seed oil etc, jojoba oil || 1oz

--> Turmeric is a beautiful ingredient that gives our skin so much love through:

--> Targeting stubborn dark spots after acne went away

--> relieves inflammatory skin, deeply exfoliates dry skin and refreshed skin when concealing the full facial with a favorite moisturizer then SjbxGlow Face Oil 🤎